Traditional Bodyguards are rapidly being replaced by educated, non-confrontational, incident avoidance professionals.  The days of having a big “thug type” in a suit and tie and going to a place of ill-repute, looking for trouble and free press are almost gone.  Although this does occasionally happen with certain celebrity figures in the Hollywood community.  The Bodyguard.. read more →

Parking Enforcements

Parking is at a premium in Southern Calif., especially in Orange and the surrounding counties, in which EAGLE SECURITY SERVICES (ESS) is very active enforcing the parking rules for . As the area grows and develops, parking becomes even more of an issue and parking spaces more scarce. The systematic monitoring and control process of.. read more →

Access Control

Access Control  is the ability to permit or deny the use of a particular resource by a particular entity. In terms of physical security, the term access control refers to the practice of restricting entrance to a property, building, or location to authorized persons.At Eagle Security Services we are “physical security“. Our highly trained officers.. read more →

Fire Watch

 Eagle Security Services especially trained officers for fire watch duty. Our guards will familiarize themselves with your facility and continuously patrol the entire premises for the purpose of detecting fires and transmitting an immediate alarm to the Fire Department and building occupants.Our guards will login in the fire watch log every half hour as required.. read more →

Off-Duty Police Officer

EAGLE SECURITY’S off-duty police officers are professionally-trained and are available for any type of event. Our law-enforcement personnel can be armed or unarmed, have the power to arrest, and can be in uniform or plainclothes. EAGLE SECURITY’S off-duty police officers can handle all security situations and assess any threats or problems for the client. EAGLE SECURITY’S off-duty.. read more →

Unarmed Security

Our number one goal is to ensure that our clients are completely satisfied with our services. We accomplish this by providing well-trained professional security officers that will perform at the highest level of quality and dedication. Our uniforms and security equipment provide a professional look that is unmatched in the industry. Furthermore our security guards.. read more →


  Thank you Eagle for a great job! Our night team reports that the vagrants issues we were experiencing have been totally resolved.” – John Our losses have dramatically dropped since we have you on our premises. Thank you Eagle Security – Margaret Our staff feels so much better and safe since we have you.. read more →

Other Security Consulting Services

EAGLE SECURITY can provide services on an informal basis as required to meet your specific needs. If you need assistance in solving a particular problem, or would just like the opinion of an outside security professional, EAGLE SECURITY can help. Examples of services that we can provide on an informal or “ad hoc” basis can.. read more →

Physical Security Assessments

Many organizations have a wish to periodically re-examine the way that they provide security at their facilities. The desire to do this may be triggered by a recent security incident, rapid growth of the organization, or a change in management philosophy. In many cases, there is a desire to reduce costs or to see how.. read more →