Practical Security Solutions for Businesses

EAGLE SECURITY is an independent security firm that helps businesses to better manage their security risks, reduce losses, and to provide a safe and secure workplace for employees. We help you to implement security strategies that are aligned with your organization’s mission and values, resulting in a security program that supports rather than interferes with.. read more →

Security Design Review

EAGLE SECURITY provides services to review architectural design and construction documents prepared by others to determine if all physical security requirements have been properly incorporated into the design. The Security Design Review, sometimes known as a “QC Plan Review” or “Peer Review”, provides independent feedback and can often catch errors that would be difficult and.. read more →


  GENERAL EAGLE SECURITY SERVICES, INC’S experienced consultants, engineers and installers are committed to meet with you on-site or at our offices, to review your current situation, concerns and provide you with options and solutions tailored to your specific security needs – Free of charge. ON-SITE CONSULTING Installing the right equipment for particular situations and.. read more →

Shipments Escort

Eagle Security is a provider of security solutions for the air transportation industry. Our mission is to provide innovative, first rate, comprehensive, and competitive solutions to ensure the safety and security of our client’s high value air cargo shipments and aircraft. We are focused on delivering quality service that comes with commitment and experience. Due.. read more →

Passenger Services

  EAGLE SECURITY SERVICES, INC. provides an unparalleled wide range of quality aviation services deivered by well trained personnel, familiar with the rules and regulations of  airport authorities and government agencies. Our training program also includes safety… safety… and always safety; first aid, crowd and riot control and public relations among other things. Our highly responsive management, with 24/7 live dispatch.. read more →

Terminal Services

  We at EAGLE SECURITY SERVICES, INC. bring to our customers a rich repository of proven skills that allows carriers, terminal managers and airports authorities to tailor their services to their specific requirements. We have the capability and the ability to tailor to your needs. Our Terminal Services Include: Access Control Baggage Security and Handling Lobby Agent Services.. read more →

Air Cargo Terminal Security & Air Cargo Inspection

AIR CARGO Each newly hired employee receives an “Eagle Security Introduction to Employment in the Aviation Industry” orientation program, designed to develop the core skills individuals need before they start working in the aviation industry regardless of their job assignment. Eagle Security’s comprehensive coverage includes an explanation of the nine “Classes of Dangerous Goods” and.. read more →

Commercial Security

Commercial buildings are also a target for crime. We at EAGLE SECURITY are constantly adapting to the needs of changing markets. A key factor in our success has been our ability to sense the changing requirements in the security industry and evolve accordingly.  And much of that success is attributable to the talent and effort.. read more →

Warehouse Security

By their nature, warehouses are built with wide open spaces to house merchandise, equipment, materials, furniture, food, etc. Loading and unloading requires wide gates and docks that can create many opportunities for burglary and vandalism. Safety and protection of the goods are important issues that must be dealt with. No warehouse can be left vulnerable.. read more →