Parking Enforcements

Parking is at a premium in Southern Calif., especially in Orange and the surrounding counties, in which EAGLE SECURITY SERVICES (ESS) is very active enforcing the parking rules for . As the area grows and develops, parking becomes even more of an issue and parking spaces more scarce. The systematic monitoring and control process of this valuable resource is essential for us all, not only in terms of economic value and traffic but also in terms of safety and quality of life.

EAGLE SECURITY is proven and established itself as a expert on Parking Enforcement issues.
With the help of our legal experts, we provide you with tools to fully manage this valuable real estate in several ways.
We will help you establish or improve on your existing signage for maximum efficiency and minimum visual impact. We will establish, upgrade and optimize your ticketing systems for proper enforcement of parking rules. We will manage the towing procedure, if a vehicle must be forcibly removed from your premises.
All of this is done with the help of our legal team, who will conduct a comprehensive analysis of parking laws instituted by state and local authorities, including the laws and ordinances of your community.

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