Hotel Security

Providing Safety and Protection for Hotel Guests and Employees Our professionally trained guards’ main focus is to secure and provide a safe environment for the hotel guests and the staff. It is easy for criminals to access hotel premises and pry on the unsuspecting travelers. Whether it is personal property, cars or equipment, our guards.. read more →

Executive Protection

Personal Safety and Protection Executive Protection is the integration and deployment of physical and technical security measures and countermeasures to protect the life of the Protectee(s), corporate assets, or property.  Our Executive Protection Specialists will conduct Threat Assessments and Site Advance work before any protective detail is begun.  Executives and couriers of valuable goods are.. read more →

Retail Security Services

EAGLE SECURITY‘S staff is trained by retired law enforcement professionals. Our number one goal is to ensure that our clients are completely satisfied with our services. We accomplish this by providing well-trained professional security officers that will perform at the highest level of quality and dedication. Our uniforms and security equipment provide a professional look.. read more →

Office Building Security

Commercial buildings are also a target for crime. We, at EAGLE SECURITY are constantly adapting to the needs of changing markets. A key factor in our success has been our ability to sense the changing requirements in the security industry and evolve accordingly.  And much of that success is attributable to the talent and effort of our.. read more →

Security for Retail shops

Shoplifting and employee theft are a serious issue for retail shop owners. Thieves and unscrupulous employees can eat away at the profit margins of a retail business and eventually cause higher prices to make up for the losses. The entire community suffers the consequences and the crime becomes a burden on the business owner and.. read more →

Patrol Services

 EAGLE SECURITY provides patrol services using either marked or unmarked vehicles. All our vehicles are outfitted with public safety and security equipment package consisting of an on-board computer/radio dispatch system, emergency spotlights, traffic control and emergency equipment including a first-aid kit, cell phone, traffic cones and flairs, a fire extinguisher and jumper cables. Patrol Officers can.. read more →