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EAGLE SECURITY has assisted commercial, industrial, healthcare, pharmaceutical, education and Fortune 1000 clients with their electronic security needs. Whether it is a custom or turnkey solution, EAGLE SECURITY can provide solutions for integration of CCTV, access control and other security systems.

In addition to this, EAGLE SECURITY has developed and deployed its own proprietary systems in response to clients’ needs. The innovative technologies used by EAGLE SECURITY include:

  • Electronic Customer Reporting
  • Employees Instant Control and Tracking
  • Systematic Monitoring, Data Analysis, Assessment and Evaluation for Continuous Quality Improvement

Secure Swipe

Secure Swipe is a highly versatile and mobile solution that addresses multiple needs across a broad spectrum of industries. Secure Swipe was originally designed for enhanced access control of aircraft and has since been deployed in multiple settings including baggage reconciliation, as a guard tour system and inventory management system.


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