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We can provide you with the peace of mind that comes from knowing your employees left your facility safely, and your business is securely locked up and alarmed.


Our convenient and secure lock and alarm service guarantee that your building is locked up properly and your alarm is set correctly.

ith 20 years of incident-free experience and thousands of satisfied customers, Eagle Security Services is recognized as the top provider of reliable, cost-competitive, and professional security services allover.

Professional security services
Highly trained security

Our trustworthy, highly trained security specialists follow specific procedures to fully secure your site, including the procedures required by your insurance company.

Check at any time
We check that every staff member has left for the night before patrolling, locking and setting the alarm for your premises at specified times. These times can be whenever you prefer, day or night.

With Eagles’ expert lock and alarm service, you can rest assured that your building will remain secure throughout the night.

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