Apartment And Condominium Security

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The safety of apartment dwellers is of concern to building owners and property managers.

Invaders and burglars can find their way easily around unprotected buildings. Home is a sanctuary and violating that space can be traumatizing to tenants. It is a violation of one’s space and privacy. It is frightening because intrusion carries the risk of other serious crimes that can lead to death.

The most vulnerable time is day time when occupants are away minding their daily work and routine chores. Opportunity is right there for burglars to achieve their criminal objectives. Night time and weekends are also attractive for invaders when residents are at home. This offers them the opportunity to harm and sometime molest the residents.

EAGLE SECURITY will evaluate the risk factors for you property and recommend the different approaches that are most appropriate for your building. From secured and monitored entrances to protection of parking areas.

No apartment building is too small or too big for us.  We are always available to meet the challenges and respond to our clients’ specific needs. Our guards and security officers are trained and prepared to meet those challenges. Their training, in addition to the security and guard elements, encompasses human relations with emphasis on service, public relations and impeccable appearance. We strongly believe that these subjects are essential to apartment buildings and condominiums environment.


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