Air Cargo Terminal Security & Air Cargo Inspection

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Each newly hired employee receives an “Eagle Security Introduction to Employment in the Aviation Industry” orientation program, designed to develop the core skills individuals need before they start working in the aviation industry regardless of their job assignment.

Eagle Security’s comprehensive coverage includes an explanation of the nine “Classes of Dangerous Goods” and their properties, how to identify the risk of dangerous goods if carried into the cabin by passengers or inserted in cargo shipments, and how to react to incidents. We discuss proper labeling and cargo IMP codes, emergency guidelines and the most recent changes in dangerous goods handling and cargo inspection and screening.

We specialize in the inspections and oversight of air cargo facilities to ensure compliance with aviation security regulations and procedures established in the approved security programs of air carriers and freight forwarders and the training for air cargo personnel with regard to security procedures and guidelines.


Air Cargo Security Risks

Potential risks associated with air cargo security include introduction of explosive and incendiary devices in cargo placed aboard aircraft; shipment of undeclared or undetected hazardous materials aboard aircraft; cargo crime including theft and smuggling; and aircraft hijackings and sabotage by individuals with access to aircraft.

Explosives and Incendiary Devices

Undetected explosive or incendiary devices placed in air cargo are potential threats to aircraft. Experts have warned that air cargo may be a potential target for terrorists. Cargo carried aboard passenger aircraft may be at particular risk since passenger aircraft are generally regarded as highly attractive targets to terrorists and have been attacked in the past. Eagle Security operates and can provide all the screening equipment i.e. x-ray machine, ETD, EDS, etc. according to the Transportation Security  Administration requirements.

EAGLE SECURITY SERVICES, INC. will conduct and perform all Air Cargo Security and  Inspection according to the TSA rules and regulations.

Our Air Cargo Services Include:

Escort of high value air cargo Air cargo acceptance & screening procedures
Controlling access to air cargo Security & HAZMAT threat assessments

Air cargo Physical Screening

Ground movement and sealing procedures
IED Components X-ray equipment, ETD devices and EDS


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