Charter Flights

Aircraft charter is the transportation alternative to flying on scheduled airlines. You determine the schedule and avoid all of the inconveniences normally associated with air travel.

No more waiting in terminals wasting valuable time. You and your associates can be fully productive while travelling to your next destination. Multiple destinations and returning home in a single day become a distinct possibility when utilizing aircraft charter. It’s all about time!

We, at Eagle Security have the expertise and ability to handle all your Charter Flights’ needs and we provide the security and screening according the Department of Homeland Security and the TSA.

Service range includes:

  • Customs and  immigration assistance
  • Catering arrangements
  • Hotel and  restaurant reservations (by aircraft & helicopter charter)
  • Limousine and car rental
  • Cargo Handling in a Third Party Facility
  • Special Cargo Handling and Screening
  • Perimeter and Aircraft Security
  • Passenger and Crew Assistance
  • Passenger and Crew Screening

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