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Executive Protection is the integration and deployment of physical and technical security measures and countermeasures to protect the life of the Protectee(s), corporate assets, or property.  Our Executive Protection Specialists will conduct Threat Assessments and Site Advance work before any protective detail is begun.  Executives and couriers of valuable goods are very lucrative targets for extortionists and thieves. We at EAGLE SECURITY SERVICES provide the most sophisticated ways and means to protect the lives of those who need it. We can provide armed or unarmed protection to one individual or a group of individuals,families, corporate assets and homes.

Whether it is an executive or a courier transporting valuables, we have the proper answer for every situation. We are always prepared to protect lives and goods. The safety of your and your assets are very important to EAGLE SECURITY SERVICES.

Celebrities and entertainers are not immune from that danger as well. Our specialized guards and security officers are well trained within the parameters of that industry and perform their duties impeccably.

We are always available to meet the challenges and respond to our clients’ specific needs. Our guards and security officers are trained and prepared to meet those challenges. Their training, in addition to the security and guard elements, encompasses human relations with emphasis on service, public relations and impeccable appearance. We strongly believe that these subjects are essential to executive protection.


  • Access Control
  • Home Protection
  • Perimeter Protection and Patrol
  • CCTV Camera and Monitor
  • Corporate Assets Protection
  • Corporate Property Protection
  • Family Protection
  • Threat/Emergency Assessment
  • Cover and Evacuation Strategy
  • Site Advance Work
  • Driver/Protection
  • Airport Escort
  • Special Events Protection



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