High Value Shipment Escort

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We understand the care and personalized attention that high-value shipments require.  We’re very confident that our experienced escorts will ensure the safe delivery of your high-value items and we will keep you informed every step of the way.

Each member of our dedicated high-value division is trained to administer and protect your goods according to the most stringent guidelines. Everyone who works on your shipment is trained to spot potential problems and find ways to prevent them from happening. You can even arrange for cell phone access to our escort throughout the delivery process. Our escort vehicles are equipped with the most sophisticated communication equipment to react instantly to any emergency. We can provide either armed or unarmed security officers.

Eagle Security will give you reliable, scheduled service with options for pick-up, delivery, and expedited service that meet both your schedule and your budget. We also accommodate other specialized requests.

If you have an oversized load, sensitive equipment, or special security requirements, Eagle Security we’ll work with you to make sure your move is done right, and we’ll provide a specially trained team to escort your shipment according to your itinerary.

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