Loss Prevention

The growing number of retail crimes hitting grocery stores today is forcing retailers to recognize that the customer is not always right — especially when that “customer” is actually a perpetrator of organized theft. While several recent studies on loss prevention have found shrink rates are holding steady, this brand of theft is on the rise.

The good news is that retailers that have begun adopting new technologies and pushing more investment in training and security are seeing measurable positive results.

While organized retail crime is a pounding — and growing — headache for supermarket operators, the most severe problem they face is actually employee theft.

Whether it is in the aisles, at the checkout counter or in the parking lot, our  security officers will always be present and stop the crimes before they are committed.

Supermarket security and LP includes national benchmarks as well as comparisons based on store size and format.

  • Employee and vendor theft
  • Shoplifting
  • Loss prevention training and personnel
  • Loss prevention equipment such as CCTV, etc.

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