Off-Duty Police Officer

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EAGLE SECURITY’S off-duty police officers are professionally-trained and are available for any type of event. Our law-enforcement personnel can be armed or unarmed, have the power to arrest, and can be in uniform or plainclothes. EAGLE SECURITY’S off-duty police officers can handle all security situations and assess any threats or problems for the client.

EAGLE SECURITY’S off-duty police officers are available for as little as one hour or on an ongoing basis. Our highly trained management staff will appoint the right law enforcement officers according to your job requirements. We serve our clients with strict confidentiality and we take pride in the fact that our clients trust their most-valued assets to us. EAGLE SECURITY makes it easy for you to get off-duty police protection when you want it and where you need it 24/7 and will assist you with the right off-duty police officer for your specific occasion.

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