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Traditional Bodyguards are rapidly being replaced by educated, non-confrontational, incident avoidance professionals.  The days of having a big “thug type” in a suit and tie and going to a place of ill-repute, looking for trouble and free press are almost gone.  Although this does occasionally happen with certain celebrity figures in the Hollywood community.  The Bodyguard is hired to protect, cover, and evacuate his or her client and their families.  You cannot accomplish this task if you are confrontational and constantly on the offensive.  The task of the properly trained Bodyguard is to stabilize, diffuse and de-escalate confrontations or contentious situations.  Refer to this sites Blog Post of for further details.  The Bodyguard is present to be pro-active in regards to incident avoidance.  Clients who hire Bodyguard Services are generally high profile individuals by nature, but want to remain low profile in regards to their personal activities and daily lives.

Complete Bodyguard Services use the integration and deployment of physical and technical security measures and countermeasures to protect the life of the Protectee(s), corporate assets, or property.  In short, Bodyguards use a 1-8 member team or more, that is assigned to protect the client, their families and their assets.  An extensive confidential interview will take place to obtain a proper client history.  If threats are discovered, they will be identified, validated, and classified.  Gideon Executive Protection Bodyguards will conduct Threat Assessments and Site Advance work before any protective detail is begun.  Threat Assessments and Site Advance work are essential to the client’s risk mitigation.

Once the needs and desires of the client and their families are established and agreed upon, the Bodyguard  detail will be assembled.  The client may want just an armed driver escort all the way up to an 8 or more executive protection team.  The Bodyguard Detail is trained to stabilize, diffuse and de-escalate confrontations or contentious situations.  The detail is designed to be pro-active in regards to incident avoidance.  The Bodyguard Detail is not just present to “cover and evacuate” the client should an unfortunate event arise.  The Protective Detail will assist in all logistics planning and coordination of the client’s daily lives and that of their families.   With that being said, this will be accomplished with minimal intrusion into the day to day lives of the client and their families.  Protecting their image is of utmost importance.

Eagle Security Services has Bodyguards available around the United States. Some of our Bodyguards are in a domestic network and some are in a network overseas.  This is a highly mobile industry.  We can have a Bodyguard or a team of Bodyguards available just about anywhere our clients desire.

There are other security aspects that may arise during the vetting process.  The clients residence or place of business may require a site survey/ risk analysis.  A security system installation or upgrade may also be prudent.  All of these types of issues and possibly others will be addressed.


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