Background Investigation Services

Background & Security Checks At ESS We perform a number of background checks dependent upon the nature of your need(s). From the simplest background check for a new hire to the most in-depth background check for executive positions or sensitive needs, ESS is able to present clients with a background investigation they can rely upon... read more →

Corporate Investigations

 Confidential Corporate Investigations Hidden Asset Discovery Locating Missing Persons Personal & Family Law Proprietary Information Protection Loss Prevention and Shrinkage Surveys Auditing of Existing Protective Functions Crisis Management Planning Political Risk Analysis Terrorist Threat Evaluations Anti-Kidnap Action Planning Recruitment & Training of Personnel VIP and Executive Protection Services Pre-Employment Screening Note: Some services are not available.. read more →

Undercover Investigations

The ESS team is also able to perform undercover investigations with a Screened Private Investigator.  Our skilled P.I. investigator can pose as an employee and gather information on workplace problems so we are able to prepare a detailed report and assist you by outlining and implementing the appropriate steps to address your concerns and prevent.. read more →

Investigative Services

The ESS team is able to perform complex corporate investigations and undercover investigations.  Our security consultants and forensic psychology experts are able to provide you with practical solutions to employee theft and dishonesty, drug and substance abuse, sexual harassment, and a variety of other workplace and employee related issues. Don’t leave the future of your.. read more →